The Art of Living without a smartphone

A few days ago, my (apparently not so) waterproof phone decided to get wet and die on me. After panicking a bit, trying some house cures of bags of rice and drying it in the sun, I finally accepted that it was over: RIP Phone. Now, anyone who knows me know that this is occurs quite frequently in my life. That’s why  I am now used to the “Phone-withdrawal” but here I’ve broken it down to you:

Phase 1: Denial
Before you’ve tried all the house cures, you are pretty sure that you will still be able to fix your phone and forget that this stupid incident ever happened, you are wrong.

Phase 2: Panic
While thinking about how much money you are going to spend on a new phone and how you now have to stop drinking Starbucks every day to afford this, your mind swirls off in a sense of sadness mixed with anger. It’s Similar to the feeling you get when you say open the fridge and a whole carton of milk falls out or when you back into something with your car (not that I’ve ever done the latter) This phase usually goes on for 24-48 hours.

Phase 3: Rational Thinking
You start making plans on how this actually should be covered by your phone- or insurance company and then start making plans for getting a new phone, researching deals and even feel a small sense of joy as you might be able to justify upgrading your phone now!

Phase 4: Social media withdrawal
These days, you are so used to knowing every little detail that happens in your friends life you start feeling a grave sense of  emptiness when you no longer can view what they had for breakfast. You start reaching for your phone when you see that amazing sunset only to remember, you can’t share it and you no longer wake up to the snapchats of what your drunk friends did the night before so you actually have to TALK to them to find out.

Phase 5: Free
After a few days you start accepting that you can’t be reached by people. You realize how much time your friends spend on their phones since they whip them out every time you’re at dinner, in the boat, watching TV or driving. You start remembering life before the smartphone and how much it distracts our minds. I’m not saying that I don’t miss it (especially when I’m lost driving around Orlando and REALLY just want a map) but in another way it’s actually a small sense of freedom and uncertainty. You actually have to ASK people for directions, you force your friends to TALK to you and instead of worrying what filter to use on the sunset you find yourself actually enjoying the view.



On the sixth of July the whole wakeboard community was left speechless. Brad Smeele, one of the most progressive riders in wakeboarding had a horrible accident while pushing the sport to a new level.  It is impossible to even imagine what Brad and his family must be going through even though everyone are doing their best to help in all ways possible. A fundraiser has been set up to help Brad get home and get the best care possible. Read more here: LINK


Happy fourth of July!

America, the free world, the land of donuts. Once a year the country goes off, the fourth of July, independence day and even though I am about as far away from being american as you can be, last night I still got sucked into the patriotic celebrations. With a boat crew full of friends out on a lake watching the Downtown Orlando fireworks and singing along to “the wagon wheel”I almost felt like I was american too.

Photo: Nicola Butler
Hair and makeup: Lea Montes


Carro’s #WakeShotChallenge

Wohooo competition time! In co-operation with Gopro I am now giving away a sweet package stuffed with things you need to take sick wakeboarding shots! Amongst them a Gopro HERO3+ Silver Edition! To compete you have to be living in Sweden so here comes the contest details in Swedish! :)

“Tävlingsdags! Vinn en GoPro HERO 3+ Silver Edition med 16 GB minneskort, GoPro Floaty backdoor, GoPro Surfboard Mounts och blandade GoPro swags. Nu vill jag se varför ni älskar att åka wakeboard! Det handlar inte om det bästa tricket eller professionella fotografiet utan om den skönaste sommar- och wakeboardkänslan. (Bilden behöver inte vara tagen med en Gopro)

Tävla genom att hashtagga ‪#‎wakeshotchallenge‬, @Goproswe och @wakecarro på en nytagen bild och glöm inte att om ditt konto är privat kan jag inte se bilderna. Tävlingen avslutas sista Juli efter Wakeboard SM så ut och fota och låt kreativiteten flöda!”

Good Luck!!

Wakeworld Bikini guide



p.php-6     p.php-5

p.php-4     p.php-8

Nicola decided that it was time to bring some performance oriented bikini-guides into the Wakeboarding industry. Therefore instead of the normal supermodels posing in the smallest bikinis she put together a shoot with some of the worlds best female wakeboarders who all happen to be absolute babes as well. I feel so honored to be pictured next to these beautiful girls so if you’re looking for some tips for good apparel on and off the water, here’s some tips for you. Read the whole article on WakeWorld here: LINK

Photos by Nicola Butler

MyWake Global Challenge

The coolest contest-format ever must be the MyWake Challenge. Everyone knows that you ride best on your home lake, with the boat that you’re used to riding behind and with your own crew of people cheering you on. The Mywake Challenge is a contest which allows you to compete like that. By submitting a video of you, doing 3 tricks in a row online it makes it possible for you to compete agains people all around the world AND they have divisions for both Pro and Amateurs. This is such a great idea that I have to share it with you guys! Unfortunatley today is the last day to submit a video for this particular challenge but go on to their website and check out the rest of their challenges throughout the summer. Boath cable and boat, video and tricks, I’m so stoked for the people putting this on!

Oh and here are my 3 tricks :)

PicMonkey Collage


Soon is Swedish midsummer and I always get homesick around this time. Midsummer is one of our biggest celebrations, the longest day of the year and to me it’s even better than Christmas since it’s in the summer-time.

I love being here at AF wake too though so maybe I just have to teach the boys over here how to celebrate? Could be pretty fun, especially the little frogs ;)

I spend a lot of time thinking about my family and hoping they are well and that they will have some strawberries and whipped cream for me the next weekend. Hopefully next year I can finally be home to celebrate a midsummer, it’s probably been about 4 years since I last got to do it. Do you have any ideas how I can introduce the americans to midsummer without freaking them out? All ideas are welcome :)


Lake Gaston

My morning view

Words can not describe how excited I am for the next two weeks. Adam has always been a role model to me as he is one of the most dedicated riders I know. Not only when it comes to his own progression but also with putting up events, coaching and growing the sport. Just being in the car with him from the airport back here he already has motivated the crap out of me. I can’t wait for the next few weeks to be working this closely with him, stay tuned :)


Man down

As many of you already know, last week my rookie, coach and partner in crime took a bad fall working on new tricks. This resulted in her breaking her tibia and having to have emergency surgery. After a few nights in the hospital she’s now finally home and starting to come down from the pain meds.

Seeing Nicola take that fall and being in so much pain has been horrible. Sometimes I feel like I need more taken care of than her. It makes you remember how harsh wakeboarding can be on your body and that anytime  something can go wrong.  I’ve been trying hard to forget about those thoughts and hopefully a change of scenery will help getting my motivation back and I’m stoked to be leaving to ride with my friend Adam Fields in North Carolina today.

Check out Nicola’s webpage and wish her a speedy recovery :)